Lithium Extraction

Our Technology

Ekosolve® Solvent Extraction process is the culmination of four years research and development between Dr Carlos Sorentino, Phil Thomas and the University of Melbourne Chemical Engineering Department led by Laureate Professor Dr Geoff Stevens AO and project director Associate Professor Dr Kathryn Mumford.


Based on the research we conducted Solvent Extraction is much more efficient and cost effective than fractional crystallization, membrane filtering, MOF’s, adsorption, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange. University of Melbourne are leaders in membrane technology but confirmed solvent extraction has significant merit.

Ekos Research Pty Ltd in conjunction with the University of Melbourne has developed a new Solvent Exchange technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency for lithium producers. Ekosolve technology cuts capital and operating costs and accelerates project startup:

  • No need for evaporation.
  • Increases lithium recovery.
  • Provides production flexibility.

Our system can be expanded in modules and be ramped up quickly through pilot and then a commercial project with no limit on size.


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